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We Live in Guatemala

We Live in Guatemala: Land of Eternal Spring

Population: 13,002,206 (July 2008 est.)

Land Mass: 108,889 km2 (the size of Tennessee)

Capital: Guatemala City

Money: Quetzal (about 7.6 to a US Dollar)

Language: 49% Spanish; 51% Mayan Languages    
    There are 23 different and distinct Mayan indigenous people groups,    
    with a population of 7,000,000 who speak 53 variations of 24 base

    The complete Bible is translated into only 4 of the 23 Mayan languages.  
 Click Here to see a map with locations of people groups.

Average Annual Income: $3900.00 per year
  51% of the population lives in poverty
     15.2% of the population earns about $2.34 per day!

Major Religions:   Roman Catholic
                                  Mayan or Animism
                                  Evangelical Christians

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US Department of State.

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National Flower: 
Monja Blanca Orchid
Orchid.jpg (5840 bytes)

National Bird: